CRS Syndrome Overtakes The Party Of Stupid

I once deluded myself into thinking I could run for public office. That is because I have a mental disorder. What is Rick Perry’s excuse? Does he think he will be the last man standing after all the others have embarrassed themselves off the national stage? How will anyone be able to forget this:

The Republican party should pick a new mascot. Because their memory is shot.

Chin Up

The sky may not be falling. A Kennedy line of argument today:

If tax credits are cut off in states with federally run exchanges, premiums will spike, and healthy people will likely drop insurance that they can no longer afford. Once that happens, however, the insurance companies will no longer have enough revenue to pay for sick peoples’ costs, so they will have to raise premiums even further. That, in turn, will cause more healthy people to drop care. The result is a “death spiral” where higher premiums beget fewer customers, which beget higher premiums, which beget fewer customers.

This threat of a death spiral raises constitutional concerns, because the Supreme Court’s first Obamacare decision forbids Congress from coercing states into taking certain actions. If states are forced to choose between setting up their own exchange or watching their individual insurance markets collapse, that could amount to unconstitutional coercion.

Justice Kennedy appeared to believe that it did.

That caused this:

Tenet Healthcare Corp. and HCA Holdings Inc. led a rally among hospital companies as a Supreme Court challenge to Obamacare’s insurance subsidies drew questions from a pivotal justice.

Anthony Kennedy, who is often a swing vote in important cases, said Wednesday there is a “powerful” point to the Obama administration’s argument that the health-care law would fall apart if the subsidies were ruled unlawful.

Hospitals rose more than all other stocks on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index on Wednesday, as of 11:28 a.m. in New York.

“Hospitals will incur significant financial harm if subsidies suddenly disappear,” according to a court brief on the case from hospital groups. A decline in insured patients “could imperil some hospitals, and will make it more difficult for others to carry out their missions.”

So the smart money is on dismissal so far. I think we have our 5th justice. My wife is a beneficiary of Obamacare. It is the best coverage she has had since I left service, so I definitely have a dog in this fight, as do 11 million Americans. Here’s hoping…



Music You Do Not Deserve/High Art…I Found Some!

Take equal parts Charles Manson, Robert Tilton, Daniel Johnston, John S. Hall, and Rodney Anonymous, add your favorite inhalant, a keyboard…and…

If you can’t get enough of this, you can get more here. With songs like “Where Can I Find A Ditzy Girl?” and “Would I Date An Atheist?”, how can you lose? This is so fucking good I want his t-shirt.


Non-Bipolar Housecleaning

It seems that I have stabilized.

Feel free to have a look at what I was up to in the fateful year of 2011. I was having a nervous breakdown and on a wild manic spree. It’s unfortunate…all that writing, and none of it was sane. It makes me nervous to carry on, especially since there is virtually no point in writing a political-themed blog in 2015 because all the really good bloggers are now writing for bigger online enterprises. But I guess that’s not my worry. What I should worry about is whether I enjoy it. And I do. Every story leads me to new information. I need not fret about who looks at it or more specifically, who doesn’t. So I’ve cleaned a little house, taken away some of the obvious crazy stuff off the front page, and put in a new theme, which may be temporary. It’s a bit brighter in general, the links are easier to see. It makes me happy, for now. I shall try to stay that way. I am a moonbat, so many will say I am still writing gibberish. Part of me agrees with you. But I’ve been writing for 25 years now for fun. Some people do Sudoku. Some people like to doodle. This is what I do.


Right wingers always complain that lefties “have an agenda”. Oh, fuck you. Technically, everyone has an agenda. Especially you dupes.

This is leveled at those of us who believe in climate change. Like evolutionary “propaganda“, we must ask, to what end? How dare we goose-step to the desire for a cleaner planet! How politically motivated we must be to want a world that we will recognize in 50 years! There is no “agenda” here, except for concern for the well-being of the human race.

Warming denialism is evolving. There’s the rock-dumb James Inhofe version, but now the goalposts are moving. The new version is yes, global warming is obviously occurring, but we can’t prove that we are the cause. Why so desperate to ignore the warnings of a unified scientific community? What’s your agenda, except to be fucking stupid?

This is yet one more example of anti-intellectualism from the right.  Beats me why they resent book-learnin’ so much. Are they that desperate to score political points on “the other side”?  Really, what is behind denialism? Heaven forbid anything interrupt their godly “market”. Those crafty scientists, making beaucoup bucks dishing out conspiracy!

Who are the real conspiracists?


Vocabulary Time

Theory as it applies to science: “a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence.”

Please don’t say evolution is just a theory because theories are just “guesses”. They’re not.

Bow Down Before The One You Serve

Boy, our officials really can’t get enough of lapping up Benjamin Netanyahu’s cock. This Iran deal is fucked if we don’t cut the shit. I think it’s high time the first world stopped belittling Iran; they are a signatory to the NPT and are therefore allowed the privilege of developing nuclear power. It’s just plain wrong to assert that Iran has no need for nuclear power because it’s flush with oil…as with everything, there is more to the story.

Credit Where It Is Due

Sarah Palin was right about something! But that felt icky, I guess.

SMH, Christians

Dog-whistle time! Ben Carson, obviously referring to evolution: “I find, a very good measure of correlation between my religious beliefs and my scientific beliefs — people say, how can you be a scientist, how can you be a surgeon if you don’t believe in certain things?” he continued. “Maybe those things aren’t scientific. Maybe it’s just propaganda.”

Propaganda? Huh? To what political end? What is political about believing that science explains more than religion? Oh, I forgot, everything is political to Republicans. What religious people never consider is that their dust-to-man story is even more far-fetched than the idea that life has gotten more complex over a staggering period of hundreds of millions of years. I have been guilty of wearing my atheism as a badge of pride, but I have never wanted to politicize my beliefs. Atheism has nothing to do with, say, climate change. I trust the science, but not because I am an atheist. On the flip side, Christians have no problem injecting their stupid religious beliefs into a very important debate, of which there hardly is one among the learned community save for the ones on Big Oil’s payroll.

I don’t mean to drop Ben Carson at all Christians’ doorstep. But I’m afraid no one is in charge except us, and it’s short-sighted and dangerous to assume that God would never allow the Earth to become uninhabitable for his prized creations, which from all appearances he is really disappointed in anyway.

An Idea Whose Time Will Likely Not Come

I was just talking about this with the wife. Y’all know that conservatives like to bitch and cunt about the social safety net, right? Well if everyone had a wage they could live on, why, the social safety net would shrink without leaving people to the wolves. There’s your big fat tax cut that you keep angling for. But I guess that would take away something for them to whine about, so that idea is out the window. After all, outrage is their sustenance.


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